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Society of St. Gabriel,
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The Diplomatic Society of St. Gabriel (DSSG) is an international professional and fraternal society of diplomats and international affairs professionals dedicated to furthering global peace, development and humanitarianism.
The DSSG promotes the advancement of diplomacy, spiritual development and brotherly fellowship. It also seeks to be a catalyst for furthering the humanitarian work of the international community, the Church, the United Nations, states and civil society.

While primarily an organization of Catholic diplomats, the Diplomatic Society of St. Gabriel closely engages with brothers and sisters of all faiths.

The Diplomatic Society of St. Gabriel was established on 29 September 1996, the feast day of St. Gabriel, at the United Nations in New York.

As its inspiration and spiritual guide the Society took St. Gabriel the Archangel, the Patron Saint of Diplomacy. St. Gabriel is recognized by the Abrahamic faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism as “God’s Messenger.”

Our motto is “Pro Deo Et Mundo” - For God and the World.

The vision of the DSSG is to be a “dynamic international non-governmental organization of diplomats, consular officers and other international affairs professionals promoting global peace and development, and advancing the spiritual and professional growth of its members.”

Our mission is to: further the vision of universal peace, development, justice, cooperation, prosperity and brotherhood as embodied in the Сharter of the United Nations;
serve as a fraternal and professional non-governmental organization of diplomats, consular officers and other international affairs professionals;
undertake projects in support of important global initiatives, particularly in the humanitarian and peacebuilding spheres;
promote the professional and spiritual development of its members and the diplomatic professional as a whole, through networking, education and fellowship activities.

The DSSG has evolved into a network composed of the Society proper,  organization composed of fire, medical and rescue officials and volunteers. 

The DSSG was originally founded as the “Diplomatic Order of the Knights of St. Gabriel.” It was later decided to separately form DSSG and KSG due to the nature of the diplomatic profession as well as the regulations of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights.

In furtherance of its vision and fulfillment of its mission, the Society organizes conferences and training around the world and in cyberspace on the diplomatic profession and on current international issues. It holds professional and social events among numerous diplomatic and consular corps. While primarily a society of Catholic diplomats, the DSSG closely engages with brothers and sisters of all faiths,

The DSSG also recognizes the contributions of individuals to the humanitarian and peacebuilding work of the UN and the international community. The Society’s Humanitarian Award has been given to United Nations Peacekeepers who have served in Timor Leste, Iraq, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Cote d’Ivoire and Kosovo.

The Society can also make available a team of retired impartial diplomats for mediation and for advice on humanitarian, peacebuilding, interfaith and conflict resolution activities.