International Personality

Humanitarian Diplomacy

The DSSG supports the advancement of Humanitarian Diplomacy.  To this end we are involved in active relations with major international humanitarian  organizations and both governmental and non-governmental groups.
Among the main concerns of the Society is ensuring the usefulness and timeliness of  humanitarian aid delivery.  At both the global and local levels, DSSG members work with aid donors and recipients towards these ends. In particular, the Society supports the works of the UN White Helmets framework.

International Personality

The Diplomatic Society of St Gabriel is a international organization of the laity.  International practice shows that persons and bodies other than states  are often the subjects of international rights and duties, such developments are not inconsistent with the structure of international law.  Civil Society Organizations such as the Society therefore enjoy international legal personality.  Many of our members, as diplomats and consuls, are individuals with privileges and immunities protected by the Vienna Convention.  The Society is pursuing formal registration with international and national authorities. As per the Vienna Convention on the Representation of States in their Relations with International Organizations of a Universal Character 1975

The Diplomatic Society of St Gabriel is recognized by the  Militia of the Immaculata / USA (  part of the  800 year old  Franciscan Order. The M.I. has over 3 million members in 48 countries.Fr. Patrick Greenough, OFM Conv Minister Provincial and North American President of the Milita of the Immaculata serves as our “Spiritual Protector”.
The Order of St Francis has 11,000 Brother in 101 nations worldwide

Global Envoys

UN , New York; Volodymyr Pekarchuk ;

 UN Geneva & Vienna; J.R. Domingo; 

Envoys  are also assigned on a rotational basis to the UN  The Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations;,  UN Global Compact, UN CREF, UNEP , United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva Declaration and other programs

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